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  • Is Google preparing to Napalm the SEO industry?

    I’ve just been reading a very interesting article over at which suggests that Google is trying to eliminate the SEO industry for good. You can read the article in full here Content is King (and now Queen, Prince and all the other Royal positions) Google has been striving for a while to deliver […]

  • Un natural link warning in Google Webmaster Tools

    Head for the nearest shelter – the SEO wars are coming

    You might think that the title of this post is a little dramatic, but in terms of what black hat SEO’s are now capable of after the recent Google Penguin update it’s not… We are about to see a war that will see a lot of innocent websites caught in the crossfire.

    I first stumbled across the problem last week, a number of clients had seen their website rankings take a massive hit, with some disappearing totally from Google’s index for certain keywords for a brief time.

    So first stop was Google’s “Webmaster Tools” page – this tool (if you don’t know) allows you to see several key ranking factors about your website (such as number of inbound links, page titles and descriptions etc) and is a very good start to diagnose ranking problems.

  • Google is indexing proxy websites

    How to solve a problem like appspot (proxies)

    Google is indexing proxy websitesThe usage of web proxies isn’t something new, they have been around for years as a way for web surfers to get around firewall rules in places such as schools and workplaces. The way a web proxy works is quite simple – if you wanted to visit Facebook at work but found that it was blocked by the IT department then you could visit a web proxy and then visit Facebook through it. The company firewall would not detect the connection to Facebook and will let you use it.

    Now using a web proxy is fraught with danger, some of them are perfectly fine but how do you know that your Facebook email address and password you just entered into the proxy version of Facebook hasn’t been recorded or stored? Anyway that’s a different story for another day… The problem we are looking at today is about SEO and how some people are now using web proxies hosted on Google’s appspot platform to sabotage legitimate websites in the Google ranking results.