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We are based in a small northern town called Shaw (just north of Oldham in Lancashire) - building websites and managing our client's online businesses. We have a set of "core" northern values - honesty, hard work and value for money. Don't think we're all soggy chips and flat caps though - we are a modern thinking company for a modern online world.


Founded in 2004

Total Web Development was founded in 2004 to meet the growing web design market, our philosophy of building websites that normal business owners can afford is still as important to us now as it was then.

We operate from a small town called Shaw which is just north of Oldham in Lancashire – our traditional ‘northern’ values of open and honest communication with our clients has allowed us to grow year on year into one of the UK’s most respected web design companies.

The web design industry has grown at a massive rate since our birth and companies are popping up and disappearing all the time, but we have stood the test of time and will continue to grow and support our clients in the years to come.


Some of the clients we work with

Here are just some of the clients we work with, each one of them is very important to us. Why not join the Total Web Development family? We can build you a great looking website or take over the hosting and management of your existing website… Go on – you will be glad you did.


Looking forwards to tomorrow

We are very proud of our past success, being in this business over 10 years is a major accomplishment…
But looking forward is what we do best – looking at the latest trends in both website design and technology to help build our client’s a website that works for them in years to come as well as now.

Keeping a close eye on technology may seem a little odd for a web design & development company, but knowing what devices are going to be used in the future to view a website helps us to plan ahead for building websites.
Who knew just a few years ago that we would be looking at websites on our phones sat on the bus? Or relaxing infront of the TV in an evening with a small tablet sized device doing some online shopping?

If you didn’t see the that coming then just wait for what technology and web design has in store for you tomorrow…


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