Working with you and your business

Have you got a website and have no idea how to get the most from it?

We can help your business online with website updates, website management and social media services

Do you need more than just someone to design you a website and walk away?

If you are just interested in having a great looking website that will promote your business online or you have good technical knowledge to update and promote your website yourself then have a look at our amazing web design services - if on the other hand you have no idea what to do with your business website or you need help updating your website etc then read on....

Design overhauls & updates, adding content, promoting your business on social media, adding products to your website, listing products on Amazon & eBay, email marketing - we can do the lot.

Design & Code updates

Design & Development

We can improve your website by tweaking the design & layout plus adding new images, banners and promotional graphics. We can add new functionality to constantly improve your customer's experience using your website and suggest areas to improve your website. Improvements include:

The point is that you are not left with an expensive website that you don't know what to do with - don't leave your website to gather dust in some forgotten part of the internet - with our help you can evolve and grow it into something that works for you

Social Media Updates

Posting to your social media profiles

We can manage your social media profiles for you - adding content and posting special offers etc. We can also manage paid advertising campaigns for you - targeting the ideal audience for your business. We can post articles about your business, articles related to your business or funny posts to keep your followers entertained - or a mixture of all 3... What you want us to post on your behalf is entirely up to you.

We can also manage your reputation on social media - all business get negative feedback from time to time and it's how you handle this publicly that can turn a negative into a positive. By engaging your customers and helping them with their problems we can show your business in a positive light - of course we will keep you informed of any customer issues and work with you can the customers to resolve them.

By letting us handle your social media "stuff" you are free to concentrate on running your business, with your companies reputation in our safe hands

eBay & Amazon

Sell on eBay & Amazon

If you sell products online then the chances are you can increase your sales by also listing your products on eBay & Amazon. But it can be a time consuming task adding listings and keeping them updated. If you have a large product range then we may suggest trying to automate the process - so your website and eBay / Amazon listings are constantly in sync. This makes managing everything easier and in one place.

We can either manually add your products to eBay and Amazon or build a integrated solution for your website but no matter which solution is best for you - we can increase your sales. We can improve your listings on eBay with professionally designed HTML templates, improve your product descriptions + images and make the whole experience better for your customers.

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