Edge – Microsoft’s new web browser is a peach

We’ve been using Windows 10 here at Total Web Development for the past few months and one of the features of the new operating system from Microsoft is their ‘Internet Explorer replacement’ browser “Edge”.

Edge is not some fancy cosmetics on top of Internet Explorer – it’s a totally new browser and wowzers is it fast!

It looks fresh and modern and loads web pages quicker than any other browser we currently use (we currently use Firefox, Chrome, Safari for Windows & Internet Explorer for testing the websites we build).

The good news for website owners is that we cannot find any of the “quirks” in Edge that plagued Internet Explorer for years, even the latest versions of IE showed various layout problems on some websites. It looks like Edge is totally web standards compliant and that means that existing websites won’t need an tweaking or fudging to look as intended on Microsoft’s new browser.

There’s some really cool stuff built into Edge as well (not to mention loads of features that MS hasn’t finished building and testing yet) this includes a hybrid notes / screenshot function that allows you to draw onto web pages to send them to other people (your web designer for example) which I am sure we will see more and more of as Windows 10 launches in the coming weeks and Edge starts to see common usage.

We honestly think that Edge is good enough to be your everyday browser – normally most people would download Firefox or Chrome as their 1st choice browser but you really don’t need to thanks to Edge.


Have you tried Microsoft Edge? If so let us know what you think of it in the comments below…

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