How often should you redesign your website?

If your website is starting to look a bit tired and outdated – should you look at redesigning it?

If you do a bit of research the average time between website designs is around 2-3 years, after that it is advised that you revamp or totally re-design your website… But should you?

There isn’t a simple answer, it all depends on your current website and how it looks and performs for you.

Here are some things to consider when thinking about your current website…

  1. Is it mobile responsive? (does it re-arrange the content on the screen of smaller devices?)
  2. Are your visitors leaving your website without buying or contacting you?
  3. How well does your website do in search engines like Google or Bing?
  4. Does the design look tired and dated?
  5. Is it easy to update your current website?
  6. Is it quick? (website speed is very important)

Now you’ve asked yourself the above questions you should have a better idea about if you need your current website redesigned or not, of course there are quite a few technical issues that you are probably not able to check – so why not get us to look at your website for you?

We can do a totally free (no obligation) review of your current website and let you know the bad (and good) things about it – things that you may already know and things that you might not.

A fresh design can help your business attract new customers as it can be more search engine friendly, more mobile friendly and look fresh & modern, with the majority of UK residents now using the internet to find services and products a cool, fresh and modern website could make all the difference 🙂

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How often should you redesign your website?
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