Been ripped off by a web design company? Your not alone

If you’ve been ripped off we feel bad for you son, you’ve got 99 problems but we ain’t one…

Now I’ve got the Jay-Z lyrics out of my head the serious topic of this post is people being totally ripped off by bogus web design companies.

It goes on in this industry all the time and the problem seems to be on the rise – the number of people contacting us because they have lost their hard earned money to a rogue web designer is getting out of hand. Now we are not totally stupid and we know that some of these “ripped off” people haven’t been conned at all and are just trying to get our prices down with a “sob story” but the majority of these sorry tales will be genuine and we really do feel bad for them – if you are one of these people then we DO feel bad for you.

What can Total Web Development do for you if you have been conned?

In all honesty – not a lot

I know this isn’t the answer you were looking for but our prices are already seriously low (for decent, honest web design) and we can’t magically slash 50% off a price because you have been ripped off by someone else, but we will do all we can… We can give you a great low cost quote – we can also offer installment payments to help you recover from the loss of your cash if it helps?

How the rip off web design companies work.

There are a few “cons” in this business, some are deceptive and some are just bare faced rip offs. Here are some of the ways your money can be lost or you can be deceived…

The Middle Man.

This is where a “company” is advertised as a UK web design team but in reality they just pass the work on to designers in countries like India etc, they get your web design brief and pass it on to the India based company who will quote them back – let’s say £200… They then send you the quote back for £600 and pocket the £400. In this scenario your website will most likely be built *but* the design may not be exactly how you wanted it or the site may be missing some features because it got “lost in translation” and the UK company will almost never provide support for it. The people (or more than likely person) behind the “UK” company can close it at any time and start up again under a different name – it’s a deceptive practice but goes on A LOT.

The Fancy Photoshop Merchant.

This is where you ask a web design company for a quote and they send you an image (or a link to an online image) of how your website is “going to look” along with a nice pricey quote… You pay the deposit and never hear from them again. The person / people behind this type of con obviously have some good Photoshop skills to create the concept art but choose to just rip people off instead!?! This type of con is the one that seems to be growing in popularity and it really irritates us – not only does it cause dis-trust within the industry it is the hardest one for genuine people to spot, the concept art looks great and your excited to get your project done and when the company takes your money and runs it causes the most disappointment…

How to spot these “cons”

The 1st one – the “Middle Man” can sometimes be spotted because the UK company will just copy and paste the quote from the India based company and you can spot the broken English or poor syntax. If when you read the quote or any emails from the UK company it doesn’t sound quite “right” with lines like “Your site will have contact form” instead of “Your website will have a contact form” then start to distrust the quote…

The 2nd one – the “Fancy Photoshop Merchant” is harder to spot as lot of genuine and great UK web design companies will provide a sample of how your website could look, so trust your instincts and do your research – ask for references and previous clients, and ask if you can contact those previous clients for peace of mind – most genuine web designer won’t have a problem with you doing so.

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Been ripped off by a web design company? Your not alone
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