SEO success within 24 hours – yes that’s right

We don’t like to brag or boast here at Total Web Development – we are quite happy to work “under the radar” and just get on with things but I thought I would share this little story about a recent website we built for a client as it’s quite amazing (if I do say so myself)

The client in question is we built them a fairly basic but good looking and functional website using WordPress. It has everything they need spread across about 5 pages so not a huge build or requiring anything ‘out of the ordinary’.

The one thing the client was most keen on (apart from getting a good looking website) was Google rankings – they wanted the holy grail “Page 1” for all their keywords… I’ve said this to clients time and time again… WE DO NOT EVER promise page 1 results in Google or any other search engine as there are too many variables and it’s a promise we can’t keep, but we did say that the site would be built and optimised for the best results possible and what happened next is amazing…

We did a bit of research into keywords and phrases so we knew what we were doing (you would be amazed at how many web designers either just don’t bother with keywords or don’t bother to do any research) and then we tweaked the content of the clients pages to include those key phrases, we then added unique and well written meta titles and meta descriptions to each page. This is nothing out of the ordinary for us as we do this as standard for all clients anyway – unless they specifically ask us not to.

We made the website “live” at 2pm yesterday (20/08/2015) and submitted a sitemap to Google (again another important step that most people skip) and we also submitted the site via the Google webmaster tools “fetch” tool (yes another simple step that is overlooked) and within 20 minutes (yes I did say 20 minutes) their site was showing in Google… not only that but on PAGE ONE for a couple of keywords… fast forward to 1 hour after the site launched and it was on PAGE ONE for every single key phrase bar 3. Skip forward to 24 hours after launch and the site is now showing on PAGE 1 for every single key phrase and at the very top of page 1 for some of them…

Now we are not talking about weird keywords and phrases here, we are talking about phrases including major towns and cities such as:

  • grave cleaning manchester
  • grave tending manchester
  • grave cleaning oldham
  • grave tending oldham
  • grave cleaning bury
  • grave tending bury

You get the idea – all the major northwest towns and cities that the client wanted to rank well for are page 1 in Google within 24 hours…

I started this post with “We don’t like to brag” and we don’t but it’s too good a result not to share…


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