Web Hosting

We own our own servers which means that we have total control over them – including security updates and patches.

Web Hosting is not something that most people think about, it’s is wrongly assumed that all webhosting is equal.
We cannot comment on other web hosting providers but we sure can give you the low down on our hosting.

Firstly we own and operate our own webservers, this means that we are 100% in control of the hosting environment of the websites we host.
We have invested a lot of time and money in making sure our servers are not only fast and stable but they are as secure as they can be.

Hosting Features

High Performance
You have heard of dual core and quad core computer processors right? Well our webservers have 18 cores along with 12GB of fast DDR memory for ultra fast processing.
Secured by us
We don't publicly publish details of our server security but each server features a state of the art firewall, Intrusion Detection Systems and realtime file scanning.
Emails wherever you are
Emails are automatically available on all of your devices and you can send and recieve emails from any device . If you get a new device you can access all your old emails in minutes.
Flexible pricing
All our hosting packages are available on a monthly basis as well as 12 month plans. If you have a basic website built by us then we throw in 12 months hosting free

Example hosting plans (custom plans also available)

  • Basic hosting

    £5 / month or £50 / year

    For smaller / basic websites

    300mb diskspace
    3Gb bandwidth usage
    3 email accounts
    1 database
    FREE help & support
  • Advanced hosting

    £10 / month or £100 / year

    For larget / advanced websites

    600mb diskspace
    10Gb bandwidth usage
    5 email accounts
    3 databases
    FREE help & support
  • eCommerce hosting

    £10 / month or £100 / year

    For eCommerce websites

    600mb diskspace
    10Gb bandwidth usage
    10 email accounts
    3 databases
    FREE help & support

Features at a glance

  • 99.5% uptime guarantee.
  • Fast 18 core servers.
  • Servers are firewalled to help prevent port scanning and Ddos attacks.
  • Realtime file scanning of all files uploaded to the server.
  • IMAP emails you can access from multiple devices.
  • SPAM filtering on incoming emails.
  • DKIM & SPF to prevent your emails being treated as SPAM
  • Support provided directly by us.
  • All websites backed up in case of emergency.
  • Latest versions of HTTP, PHP and MySQL installed
  • Latest server software updates applied automatically.
  • sFTP access available if required.
  • Servers are located in the UK.

What we do not allow on our servers

  • Material Illegal in the UK.
  • Adult material / pornographic material.
  • Illegal drugs and or links to illegal drug websites.
  • Files used for hacking or links to those files.
  • Scripts used for sending unsolicited / spam emails.
  • If in doubt - contact is first.