Website hack repair and malicious script removal

Websites can and do get hacked every day – it’s very important that you get the damage fixed as soon as possible to protect your website visitors and your online reputation.

Why do websites get hacked?

That’s a good question and there are several answers…

  1. Just for the fun of it – yes, hackers like to boast about their skills and there are websites where hackers can go and list all the sites they have hacked.
  2. For financial gain – sometimes websites are compromised so that the hacker can steal your customers data, he can then sell on the info he has gained (names, email addresses etc) or he may be looking for credit card details or paypal account info.
  3. For the bigger picture – we are seeing more and more website hacks that are for the sole purpose of compromising the hosting server, why a hacker would want full control over a webserver isn’t obvious but things like attacking networks or launching more sophisticated attacks against larger systems are motives that spring to mind.

If you customers see a message like this they will go somewhere else.

The visible vs the invisible hack

The visible hack

This is a hack that is clearly visible on your website, your visitors will see your hacked pages and google will display a warning message to potential visitors.
This is extremely bad for your business!

The invisible hack

This is where malicious files are not obvious on your website but are hidden, these files could be fake payment pages or other hacking scripts used to compromise your hosting server. Your hosting company may contact you if they find these kinds of files.

What should i do if my website has been hacked?

First of all don’t panic! It’s very unlikely that you have been specifically targeted.
You do need to act swiftly though, especially if the hack is visible to your website visitors and Google.

Once you have calmed down it’s time to look at your options:

  1. Contact your hosting company and tell them what has happened and ask them if they have a backup of your website from before it was hacked.
  2. Contact your web developer (if you have one) and ask them if they can help – they may charge you or they may not.
  3. Contact us! We offer a free evaluation of your problem and if we cannot fix / repair your website then we will not charge you a penny.