Marketing and SEO for your website

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media and marketing are all tools we can use to get you visitors and customers.

What use is a website that nobody visits?

Having a great looking website is only part of the online business jigsaw… getting visitors to your website and converting them to customers is the important piece of the puzzle.
We can help you gain more visitors and customers using a wide range of techniques including:

  • Search Engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Pay per Click management
  • Social network marketing
  • Safe link building

The methods we use vary from client to client with some methods being more effective than others depending on the business type.
We do not offer the “top position on Google” like some other companies do – this to us is a false promise, as nobody can guarantee the number 1 position on Google or any other search engine. We do however work towards a single goal – to increase your search engine rankings, to increase your websites visability and to gain you vital customers.

Drive customers to your website with Google PPC marketing.

What is Google Adwords / PPC marketing?

As you know getting your website to appear near the top of Google’s search results is very important – if your website is on page 25 of the search results for example then you will get very little visitors…
Search Engine Optimisation is one way of improving your natural ranking in Google but it can be a time consuming process and results can vary. But there is another way and that is to advertise your website and products using Google’s Adwords PPC (Pay Per Click) program.
Using the system you “bid” for spots in the search results and your adverts show depending on various factors.
You set a budget limit per day and your ads show until your budget runs out.
The amount you pay per click depends on various factors such as the competitiveness of the search term (how much other people are bidding on that search term), the quality of your adverts and (very importantly) the quality of the page that your advert points to. Google gives every page that has an advert pointing to it a “quality score” and this score can dramtically increase or decrease the amount you need to “bid”.

Above you can see Google PPC adverts highlighted in RED

We can manage your Google adwords campaign for just 10% of your daily budget

We can manage your Google Adwords campaign for you

It can be very hard work and extremely costly to try and manage your own Adwords campaign – you may think that is sounds simple but trust us… it isn’t.
You can burn through your budget at an alarming rate with very little to show for it – your ads could show for all the wrong keywords meaning the clicks you are paying for are worthless or your pages could be scored badly by Google meaning you could be paying two or three times more per click that your competitors!
We can take the hassle out of managing a PPC campaign by managing it for you – you set the daily budget and have access to your account at all times. We only charge 10% of your daily budget – so if your budget is £100 per day then you just pay us £10 per day to manage your account*.
We handle everything for you so you can get on with managing your business.

*The minimum management fee for adwords campaign management is £50 per week