Do you need a web design partner?

If you are looking to offer web design to your clients and need someone to partner with then we are the number 1 choice.

We partner with other businesses to deliver web design

Do you need a web design partner? Maybe you offer related services and want to expand to attract more customers or to keep your current customers happy? Just pass those clients onto us and you can rest assured they will be well treated and looked after, every single client we have is extremely important to us. If you partner with us to provide low cost web design to your clients you will be glad you did – and so will your customers.

Examples of companies who could benefit from a web design partner:

  • Graphic designers / printers
  • Computer sales / repairs
  • Small business advisors
  • Many others…

Here at Total Web Development we have already built up partnerships with other companies looking to either pass on work to us or to outsource work to us.
Pass on work to us.
You give your client our details and we do the rest, we can pay you a small commission or try and pass work back to you from our clients.
This is where we work for you (not the client) – we do the work and get paid by you and you invoice your client as much as you like. All work is 100% confidential.

Although we are based just outside Oldham (UK) we are happy to partner with any UK business.